Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mass Media as an emerging Career Option Among Indian Youth

The creative fields of profession have gained immense popularity in the recent past. Advertising and public relations have become the first choice for young ambitious students. There are many Ad and PR institutes in Delhi that offer enriching study courses to inquisitive students.

The traditional professions of medicine and engineering are now being given tough competition by the emergent creative professions like Mass Communication, Animation, and Mobile Application Etc. Such professions encourage innovative thinking and welcome practical ideas. It is due to the emergence of such fields of profession that an aspiring student today has plethora of career choices to choose from. These professions are based on the idea of skill-based education and training. To enter into the creative fields, it more essential to acquire proper training and practical learning than the academic qualification. These encourage innovation and intend to bring out the hidden talent in every human being.

Advertising and Public Relations are two of the most popular choices of profession in today’s time and date. There are no high-end qualifications or academic degrees required to pursue careers in these fields. They simply work on creativity, originality and innovativeness. As professions such as journalism, mass communication and advertising require constant interaction with the masses, these are gaining immense popularity. In just a span of a few years, these two fields have witnessed exponential growth and are attracting the attention of numerous students from across the globe. The education scenario is also very bright. There are several reputed Ad and PR institutes in Delhi that offer full-time and part-time courses. These study programs can be pursued at both degree and diploma levels.
Although it is famous in its own way for the remarkable services it provides, the capital city, Delhi ranks high when it comes to imparting education too. Some of the world’s leading education institutes can be found in Delhi. The enriching training and education it provides in the promising and creative sectors is also appreciable. There are many famous Advertising and Public Relation colleges in Delhi. These institutes provide holistic training and education in the emergent fields of Advertising and PR. Practical assignments are assigned to students to encourage innovative ideas and open thinking.  

Advertising and Public Relation colleges in Delhi are well known for the teaching methodology they follow and enriching study programs they provide. The faculty members are expert professionals who guide and mentor students in becoming skillful and competent professionals of tomorrow. The creative industries are in constant need for trained professionals and Advertising and Public Relation colleges in Delhi endeavor to bridge the growing gap.