Monday, 16 April 2012

How To Be a Positive Thinker?

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

It is important for a successful professional to think positive and stay motivated. A positive thinker is always highly exuberated and cheerful in life. It helps one to come out of any situation that may arise in life. Those who are successful leaders did not only succeed because of their ability to persuade people but also because they keep everyone motivated. It becomes eminent to be motivated in life to achieve what others may take as impossible.

If you are missing that optimism in you then there are various conducts that may help you get the positive attitude like:
Never lose hope – You should be aimed. Set your goals and achieve step by step. It may take time but losing hope may bring you where you started.
  • Believe in yourself – If you believe in yourself and your decisions it means you have positive thinking.
  • Make a role model – If you make your own role model whom you admire, then it will be a great help to understand the path and achieve your goals. It keeps you charged.
  • Keep negativity away – Stay around those people who are happy in life instead of those who crib for almost everything.
If you have instilled positive attitude then winning can never be a hard task for you. Think positive and achieve unexpected.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Innovate Creativity At IIMM

Today’s professional world demands immense understanding and skill to compete in the global scenario. Especially in India, growing population and scarcity of opportunities have intensified the competition. As a consequence, there is a constant need for wholesome learning and training in the respective field of interest. The education sector is growing by leaps and bounds and various Institutes of learning are offering academic assistances across several disciplines of study. One such prospective sector is Advertising and Public Relations. This lucrative field offers excellent growth in the future.

To nurture young aspirants with right knowledge and hone their requisite skills, IIMM offers comprehensive study programs to impart holistic education in the flourishing field of Advertising. This is a known fact that making advertisements is a highly creative job. Along with innovation one needs proper understanding. IIMM endeavors to enhance the knowledge of its students and exposes them to the competitive professional environment by providing hands on training.

Not only do the students acquire advanced level academic learning but also get introduced to a professional environment as they get to practice what they have learnt on latest equipment and technology. The institute strives to impart industry-relevant education and nurture well qualified and honed creative experts ready to take on professional demands and leapfrog competition.  

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

IIMM- Connecting ‘You’ To The World

Journalism has emerged as a lucrative career option for the aspiring and ambitious youth. With globalization coming into existence, the world is going global. Journalism is the medium that connects the world!! This intriguing profession has a lot to offer to the future world. As the Media sector continues to grow, it is offering numerous opportunities for the skilled and competent. Thus, intensive training and holistic learning can help a young media aspirant succeed in the competitive global market.

The International Institute of Mass Media (IIMM) is a premier institute of education situated in the National capital. The college is committed to provide an enriching and practical exposure to its students. The robust infrastructure stimulates an excellent leaning environment. In addition, the faculty is comprised of well-qualified and experienced teaching staff. These skilled academicians mentor and guide students with holistic understanding of the competitive media industry.

IIMM adopts modern study techniques that focus on enhancing knowledge and productivity of inquisitive learners at the institute. The college offers comprehensive courses in various disciplines that include, Advertising and Public Relations, Radio Journalism and Film making besides the traditional Print and electronic media courses. Students also get to practice on latest equipment and gain hands on experience of the industry. IIMM is focused to strengthen theoretical foundation and enhance practical understanding of students to help them develop into skillful professionals of tomorrow!!