Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Role of Industry Interface in Mass Comm Education

Today, professional education has often become a below par, low quality, low standard activity. This is especially true of the mushrooming organisations that provide professional education. Therefore, it becomes all the more vital that students who opt for professional education insist on seeing the visual documentary evidence of the organisation's interface with industry.

Students need to check how many regularly practising professionals are on the regular faculty of the institution, the frequency and quality of guest lectures that have been organised by the organisation, as well as the kind of organisations and the number of organisations where students have gone for internships as well as placements. Also, students need to find out if some interns from the institution have been absorbed by companies in the final placements.

Please remember - a professional education institution is only as good as its interface with industry! That brings the real world of the workplace into the classroom and makes the education meaningful.