Thursday, 28 March 2013

Careers in Electronic Media

Careers in Electronic Media
Electronic Media
One of the biggest means of entertainment is television and radio. Although utilities of radio have dipped down a little bit, still with the emergence of FM radios in various cities, the popularity remains intact. According to a government study more than eighty percent of the households in the country have TV sets and more than two thirds people in metros have cable connection which is even spreading rapidly to smaller towns and sub-urban areas through DTH services. With compulsory digitisation and the use of set top boxes from 2013, the world of digital quality television channels will further proliferate. The advent of HD and Full HD 1080 p television content creation, broadcasting and reception in the recent if not immediate future will open up further possibilities and career opportunities for youngsters in the electronic media. Undoubtedly electronic media is playing a significant role in nation's making by disseminating information to the people and also being an alternative public grievances redressal mechanism.
The proliferation of TV channels particularly a number of 24/7 channels have opened up career opportunities in electronics media. Career options are there in public broadcasting agencies like Doordarshan and All India Radio or in private broadcasters. One can be a field reporter, writer, editor, researcher, correspondent and in-studio anchor, presenter and news analysts. These professionals also can work in a number of fields like direction, production, camera, graphics, editing, sound, programme research, script writing etc. Moreover one can open his own TV/RM Radio channel.
The minimum salary as per government directive has to be Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000 for reporters and senior reporters, Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 for the chief reporters and sub-editors, and Rs. 12,000 to 18,000 for editors. Private sector even offers higher remuneration including lucrative various fringe benefits. However salaries offered depend on the company one is working with. Field journalists are given travel and stay expenses as well as allowances are additional with all pay packets. Self-employed also have good earning depending upon the nature and extension of their business.
Latest Research
Latest research by manpower planning bodies in India and abroad have conclusively shown that mass communication jobs will outstrip all others in terms of the sheer pace of development of new job opportunities.
India’s pattern of economic development has been unique since we attained our hard fought and won independence from the yoke of colonialism in 1947. While the early years and decades of planning focused on the primary and secondary sectors of the economy, the bold economic reforms and New Economic Policies (NEP) from 1991 – 2013 have ushered in a tertiary sector driven and tertiary sector led strategy of economic development. The number of new jobs in the services sector will outstrip all other sectors and within the services sector, the number of mass communication and electronic media jobs will stay ahead of the curve and will outstrip all other sectors. Since we are living in the information age where information travels at the speed of thought and the speed of light carried into homes across the nation and world using electromagnetic waves of broadcasting, it is advisable for committed, hard working and passionate youngsters to seek careers in the booming field of electronic media.