Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Broad career options after a mass comm course from IIMM

Media courses can open up careers for you in print journalism - newspapers and magazines - both English and Hindi; electronic media journalism - television and radio - both English and Hindi; new media jobs on the internet - all media houses - both print and electronic - now have substantial presence and investment on the internet; jobs in production and direction; as well as careers in corporate communication - advertising and public relations.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

10+2 Courses for Mass Communication

Mass communication relates to the communication and spreading of news and information that entail different forms of mediums. The mediums can vary. Be it newspapers, journals, magazines, television, radio, internet, etc. Basically, the electronic media and the print media in collaboration cater here and make mass communication a success. Engulfing the news and spreading it to the various mediums and that too at the same time is the basic entity of this form of communication.

The entire program focuses on advertising, journalism, public relations, etc and lays stress on imparting the best knowledge about the subjects. To get a great hang on the field you require a know how on the current affairs, a creative bent of mind and the ability to carry out the functions under pressure. The curriculum inspires your analytical, communication and observational skills that help you grow in the arena.

The 10+2 Courses for Mass Communication opens up galore job opportunities that help you bask in the mood and cater to the demand of the age. There are various job opportunities that you can take up. You can either be a journalist, an editor or a sub-editor, a script writer, reporter, a radio jockey, news reader or an anchor. Opportunities innumerable are present, all is required to tap them at the appropriate time.

The main aim of the 10+2 Courses for Mass Communication is to impart progressive journalism to the students and convert it to a medium of mass awakening and strengthen the policy of staying aware. Sharpening the various skills of the students, there is enough exposure provided that helps you savor them and grow in life.
International Institute of Mass and Media (IIMM) offers 10+2 Courses for Mass Communication that helps you get an insight into the exact procedures and methodologies that are involved in catering to the demands of the modern age. Widening the horizon of the students and providing them the facilities and the global exposure, the institute has what it takes you to make a mark in the field. Grooming you so that you are able to take the challenges ahead, the course train you and nurture your creative and talented side.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

PG Diploma courses in Mass Communication

Mass communication is generally associated with the study of the various ways in which individuals and entities broadcast news and information through print and electronic media to a large segment of the population, and that too at the same time. The medium can range from newspaper, magazines to radio and television.

A mass communication degree provides you an insight into the world of communication that bring out an effect or affects the behavior, attitude, opinion and emotions of the masses. It differs from the other forms of communication such as interpersonal communication and organizational communication. The area of difference lies in fact that mass communication lays stress on a single source transmitting information to a large group of receivers.

PG Diploma courses in Mass Communication provide the basic knowledge of journalism, mass communication and advertising. The main aim of the course is to groom the skills of the candidate that are required to carry out the functions effectively, in a media organization. Catering to all the theoretical and practical aspects it provides you the exposure that is required to make an impact in the digital world.

PG Diploma courses in Mass Communication offer a plethora of job opportunities that await you to get absorbed. Imparting knowledge on journalism, advertising, public relations, computers, public relations, reporting and editing, etc. there are plentiful jobs on offer. A career in films, T.V, publishing, public relations, journalist, anchor, screenwriter, etc. are present that help you grow as a professional.

International Institute of Mass Media (IIMM) offers PG Diploma courses in Mass Communication that provide you the facilities and the global exposure that is required to make the cut. Helping you out at each and every step to make the impact, the institute has a tailor-made course that helps you rein in the benefits. Inculcating a sense of discipline, the faculty takes care that the best knowledge is provided to you through the best practices. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Corporate Communications in India - Emerging Prospects

India with its large diverse population has created complexities in the market. Large number of affluent, educated as well as ethnically varied population has created an opportunity for marketers to sell their products but only with the help of appropriate advertising appeals and PR tools. India is in the midst of a booming market for in the field of Advertising and Public Relations experts who can adroitly handle these tasks. Simultaneously a surge in the Retail Segment has sparked a need for qualified personnel who can excel in understanding the needs of today's customers and adroitly guide them to the correct products while maintaining healthy profits for their organizations. Once again it falls within the realm of the work of advertising and PR professionals. Against this backdrop it is our endeavour to impart to our students the best foundation with regard to theory and practice about Advertising and Public Relations along with elements of Marketing and Management techniques. With regular lectures, case studies, assignments and internships it is ensured by our expert faculty that the students are equipped to handle any on ground situation. The window of opportunity opened up to the students enables them to get jobs in Advertising firms, PR agencies, Event Management organizations and Marketing corporations.
Careers in Public Relations
Public Relations is fast emerging as a career of choice for those who want a career that straddles the corporate sector and the mass media. It is a career in communication where students can get absorbed either as part of a third party PR firm that provides PR services to multiple clients or they can join the corporate communications departments of large multinational and Indian companies.
In Public Relations, one can work in client servicing where one carries the mandate of the client to one’s media teams or one can work in the strategy and planning function where your skill and knowledge of PR and communication is used to advise a wide range of clients – ranging from corporate organisations to celebrities, NGO clients and political parties – about the key messages for various key influencers and target groups. The media team is the team on the ground that develops “PR” or effective networks with journalists and managers of media organisations in both the print and electronic media so that content that shows their clients in a favourable light are carried by these media organisations.
PR is a well paying and glamorous profession where you work hard and socialise with as much energy. A pleasing personality, an attitude of a go-getter and excellent communication skills in English and Hindi go a long way in ensuring the success and fast rise for a PR professional. Another important function in PR is scanning the media – both print and electronic as well as the new media or the internet and social media – for coverage about the industry that one’s clients may be in or any policy news or government trend that can potentially impact the business environment of one’s clients as well as positive and negative coverage about the clients with a view to maximising positive coverage and minimising negative coverage. Research has proven that favourable editorial coverage or journalistic coverage is worth four times the same column area of a paid advertisement.
Careers in Advertising
A mass communication course at IIMM also prepares you for a successful and highly paying, rewarding and lucrative career in advertising. Students can do internships with and get placed with top Advertising agencies and work across client servicing, marketing, business development, creative design and creative copywriting. In the real world marketplace where endless product differentiation rules the roost and the dictum is differentiate or perish, all that investment that is made for differentiating products and services from those of one’s competitors will go in vain unless effective advertising drives home the messages as to how exactly one’s products and services are differentiated from those of the competition.
Advertising is a glamorous and creative profession where youngsters can work in either understanding the brief given by the client and communicating the same to one’s creative teams or working in strategy where one can advise the clients as to what might be the effective advertising strategy for their products and services and the media to be used for the same. One can also work in media planning where the appropriate media are used at the best price points to carry the message of the advertiser to the target audience. Finally, for those students with a creative bent of mind whether in design or in copywriting in English and/or in Hindi, the creative department is the place to be.