Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Public Relations and its benefits

The combination of Public Relations and Advertising can convert any product into a brand. If used in the right manner, with good planning, it can really help in penetrating the market and boosting up the brand values, its reach and finally the sales.  An efficient and skilled PR team and advertising agency can prove to be the most important factor in reaching out the target audience.

PR through its strategic outreach and relationship building approach can attract media coverage. It helps in influencing, persuading and motivating consumers through multiple types and styles of promotional tactics. Some of it includes direct communication or grabbing public attention through various campaigns and events.

Roles and Responsibilities of a PR agency

The first and the foremost responsibility of a PR team is; Strategic planning, which include campaign creation and execution. This can be done through ‘Key Messaging, where the important messages are interlaced creatively and subtly, so that it generates an emotional urge in the consumer’s mind.
Second important role of a PR agency is to build up relations with the media; this can be done by reaching out the reporters, producers, editors etc. This can be done simply by writing press releases.

Apart from writing press releases a PR team is also expected to write collateral copy, speeches, web copy, etc.  A Public Relation Officer is also accountable for training their clients to prepare for real interviews, facing the media and making public appearance during events and presentations.

Conducting events, parties and press conferences for the promotion of their client and handling the social media networking by cultivating the online conversations for clients and the agency, is also a part of a PRO’s job. Other responsibilities includes graphic designing, creating video content and continuously creating new ideas and ways for promotions.

Benefits of a well-planned PR campaign

Inexpensive: Economically PR is way too affordable than advertising, it not only works in brand building but helps in developing a one-on-one relationship with the target audience.
Credibility: The major task of a PR professional is to attract reporters in order get more media coverage, therefore PR is more authentic and credible than advertisements; after all, News stories are considered more convincing than an advertisement.

Relationships: PR has the ability to build up relationships with the media and consumers on behalf of their clients, if done with the correct approach can help in building trust and publicity.

Visibility: PR can increase the search engine optimization and publishing regular posts and updates on social media and other internet channels, enhances visibility greatly.

Direct Appeal: PR coverage allows the client to share their perspective, ideologies and opinions to the public. Conducting meeting, seminars and workshop to influence, inform and persuade the consumer proves to be extremely beneficial for promotional purposes.
Hence, if used correctly with the right approach and planning PR can be a valuable marketing tool benefiting your brand position and bottom line. PR is not the only answer to a strong marketing campaign, but it is an important practice to employ in order to build strong brand credibility, legitimacy and value.

PR can be a great career option for those interested in it, Studying PR, advertising and marketing from a profound institute or college can widen one’s knowledge and creativity. Getting a Post-Graduate Diploma or a Degree in Public Relations and Advertisement can kick start your career very well. 

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