Wednesday, 7 June 2017

You can also become a good News Anchor


Are you talkative? Do you follow news more than checking your Facebook account and whats app chats? Do you feel a strong urge of sharing your opinion on current issues at any social or public platforms? Does debating on various issues excite you? Do you go that extra mile to gather a deeper knowledge, understanding and information about a particular event or incident? Do you regularly update yourself with changing political and economical scenario in the world or at least in India? Do you have a favorite anchor whom you admire more than a Bollywood star or a cricketer? If so, then you have all the reasons to become an Anchor or a News Presenter or a News Reader.

But before taking up anchoring as a career option, it is highly advisable and recommended to go through a reality check and get an in-depth understanding of what it is all about.  Here are some myths about News Anchoring:-

Anchoring is about reading the prompter

A news anchor is responsible for understanding any events or happenings profoundly and is also accountable for writing his or her own news copy, operating the control board, and conducting investigative journalism.

Anchor’s only job is to speak in front of a camera

A news Anchor has to be on his/ her feet all the time. Just reading the script aloud cannot make anyone a good anchor. It requires spontaneity and quick wittiness.  There are moments when breaking news is fed to the anchor at the eleventh hour, the anchor should be able to understand the news and interpret it spontaneously without a script.

Anchoring is the easiest job

Many of us believe that anchoring has a glamour quotient; it is an easy way to fame and become popular on television.  An anchor’s job although looks very tempting from the outside, but in reality it is painstaking and extremely stressful. An anchor has to be meticulous, alert, energetic and on his toes all the time , Handling technical glitches, anchor will need to cover up for the time lag and instantly come up with ideas to keep the audience engaged are some of their everyday jobs.

News gathering is not the anchor’s job

Most anchors are responsible for reporting their own story. They collect news and gather information on their own.  There is not much difference between an anchor and a reporter; An anchor gives identity to the News channel and therefore they play a very prominent role in boosting the TRP ratings of the channel.

News anchoring is a combination of various qualities like studying the background of the news, investigating it, presenting it in a way that can grab more attention, keeping your viewers connected t o the channel. 

News anchors have to remain objective all throughout their report even if they are reporting on emotionally charged situations that the public feels so strongly about. News anchors should not get too impulsive or impatient reading the news to the viewers. They must follow the news ethics very well and should not inflict or provoke anybody’s sentiments and respect the opinions of others.

Getting a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from a good college and institute can help in polishing and develop the skills required for becoming a good news anchor.

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