Wednesday, 19 July 2017

5 reasons to study mass communication

Practical Reasons for choosing Mass Communication Courses 

If you have the willingness to learn and a drive to explore then these are the key indications to think seriously about starting your career in Mass Communicationand Journalism. But are you in a state of confusion or dilemma, whether to study Mass Communication or not? Do you feel that a Mass Communication degree may or may not be worth your time and money? Are you scared of experimenting with your career and choose to do a Mass Communication degree instead of doing engineering or a B.Com course?.

Well, these are few of the many questions, which keep floating in every student’s head who has a slight inclination towards Mass Communication and Media courses. So, if you are keenly interested in studying Mass Communication but need enough reasons to go ahead and build your career in it then this article might suggest you some of the most practical reasons to opt for Mass Media related courses.

There is no end to new possibilities

Searching for new stories and digging the truth in them, communicating to a large number of people or sometimes a celebrity or a politician, developing ideas and concepts for various organizations and people, designing a logo or a brand, staging opinions on social issues and sharing them on pubic platform, creating films and stories, capturing the most meaningful photographs, creating taglines for a product, there can be a whole book written on ‘Why Mass Communication is fun to study. Clearly, no other course can offer you all the above mentioned attributes and that’s what makes this course a right career option.

Practical Exposure and Adventure

Not only this course enables you to travel at various places, explore the world from a perspective of a journalist or filmmaker etc. and cover different events and stories, but it also gives you a freedom to use your creative skills to its fullest. There is no one way to work in this field, you can explore and figure out what will be your style of working. Taking risks, coming up with exciting ideas, influencing people and manipulating others is all part and parcel of the mass media world.  It develops critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution, team building, and public speaking.

Art and Creativity 
It develops skills like critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution, team building, and public speaking. It is no less than an art, from speaking persuasively, to writing imaginatively; attracting your audience through attractive visuals, inquisitive taglines, tempting words and eye-catchy designs, what makes this field an artist’s delight.

Multiple career options

Studying Communication can help you succeed professionally.  Creating strong oral and written messages, working well with others, managing your image, researching, analyzing and solving problems are key abilities employers look for. As soon as you are sure about your key interest area in Mass media, you can apply for internships in newspapers, magazines, FM channels, Production houses, PR firms etc. and kick-start your career from there; having multiple skills and vast knowledge could help you go really long in this field.

MassCommunication course includes print and electronic media radio, photography, advertisement and public relationsfilm making and new media, it is important to study mass communication to obtain comprehensive and advanced education in the field and seek wide career opportunities. 

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