Monday, 10 July 2017


Globalization is a phenomenon. We all know that. It is something which has actually led to the entire planet earth turning into a village of sorts. It is a process with which large scale integration of culture, products, ideas and views is happening across the globe. After all, just click into google or YouTube, and what is it that that one cannot read or see about what is happening or has happened in any place right from New York to Tokyo? Everything, literally everything, is at our fingertips.

Mass media, too, is undergoing a serious metamorphosis due to globalization. However, the effects of this are varied the world over. In the US, for instance, they say, print media is going out of style. No one reads. People just surf over the internet and catch up with news and views. In India, the picture, as per some media pundits, is different. We still read. Taking at least fifteen minutes out for going over the morning newspaper is still like religion for most of us. We still pick up books.

With globalization, what has happened is that everything is available to us within an instant. The newspaper will tell you what happened, but it will do so tomorrow morning. TV channels will flash it rightaway, within a few minutes or maybe an hour to two after it happens. So does the internet. Don’t we all feel really, really connected with what is happening in the entire world?

However, there is a downside of globalization. Our awareness, and the level to which they touch a chord in us, of things happening hundreds of kilometers away is by far more than those which happen in our own midst. Take an example. We no longer care for our old and ailing neighborhood aunt who made ‘halwa’ for us when we were kids. But Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election made us all go all sad and unhappy. Are all our kids not crying their hearts out for their peer group in Syria? Don’t they know who Donald Trump is? Are the Oscars any different anymore from our own Filmfare awards? Louisiana is as familiar as Ludhiana now. And all this - because of globalization……….. 

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Written by: Rinky Sehgal Marwaha

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