Friday, 14 July 2017

The Three Stages of Production – Roll Camera Action!

“Cinema is the culmination of the obsessive, mechanistic male drive in western culture. The movie projector is an Apollonian straight-shooter, demonstrating the link between aggression and art. Every pictorial framing is a ritual limitation, a barred precinct.” ―Camille Paglia

The many facet of cinema makes it more desirable, mystical and magical.  Indeed, it is no less than a supernatural world where everything seems so real yet illusionary, close yet unattainable and enthralling. Cinema makes you forget that you are sitting in the theatre. It makes you feel that you are a central part of a film, playing the role of a protagonist or antagonist in the rarest of rear case!
What makes it the most important art form is the fact that it has an immediate influence on our mind; it tempts us to believe in fantasy and lures us to desire a castle in the sky.

Filmmaking involves a number of distinct stages, from an idea to creating a motion picture with characters as real as a mirage in the dessert. Each stage is as important as the others in determining the success of the film. Here's a short introduction to all the three stages of filmmaking:-

1. Pre-Production – (The Writer’s Stage) this is the stage where the idea is born and developed. Adapting a story from a book, novel or writing a fresh concept is a part of this stage. Precisely, pre-production is all about writing. Once an idea for a story is created, a treatment for it is produced. This is a 25 to 30 page description of the story, the characters and the mood. It usually comes with some visualizations to highlight the key points or moments in the movie. This stage consumes most of your time and brain; planning paperwork, locations recce ,  selecting cast and crew, booking equipment and post facilities, dealing with legal paperwork, creating a budget, accounting for ancillary rentals and services, etc. are some of the tedious tasks that are.

2.  Production-  (the Roll, Camera , Action stage) – It this stage, where the three most tempting and  famous words are used- Roll, Camera , Action.  The actual shooting of the movie happens in this stage. Shooting in itself is a major task, which requires both physical and aesthetical skills; be it indoor and outdoor shooting, challenges and limitations are pretty much apparent. Shooting involves setting up props, camera and other equipment like lighting etc. prepare the actor and the scene takes hours of hardwork and labor.

3. Post-Production ( Cut and Join ) In this stage, the movie is edited and polished. Undesirable scenes are cut or shortened to service the overall narrative. After the entire film is edited, the final sound mixing is done, where narrations, music and voice recordings are put together to create a gripping effect. Later, graphics and Special effects are added, along with opening titles and the closing credits. Once this is done, the movie is now considered locked. The final cut is now ready for printing, duplication and distribution. 

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